Audition Video

1.) Be sure to submit an application.

2.) In your video... Tell us your idea. Share your idea in a way that others will understand. Remember that your audience is diverse.

Video Submission Criteria

QUALITY OF VIDEO SUBMISSION - Only videos with clear images and audio quality will be accepted. The video must show the presenter (at a minimum) from the waist up. Keep in mind that we must adhere to copyright laws

ORGANIZATION - Provide an outline or overview of your idea with the desired outcome.

CREATIVITY - Add originality to capture and hold the audience's attention, including images, props and/or demonstrations.

SPEAKING SKILLS - The criteria include poise, clear articulation, proper volume, steady rate, good posture, eye contact, enthusiasm, and confidence. The delivery of the information will be reviewed along with the content. Mentors will help with this.

LENGTH - Please keep your video to less than 10 minutes. (12 minutes maximum)

DEADLINE - Submit NLT February 19, 2018 6:00 pm to