"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes things alive and significant."


      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


TEDx Talks

March 24 2018, 2017 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth (Videos Coming in May!)

  TEDxTalk: With or Without Ice
TEDxTalk: Be a Light in the Dark
TEDxTalk: That's Weird
TEDxTalk: What's your Dream Job?
TEDxTalk: A Story Without Words
TEDxTalk: You're Never to Young to Make an Impact
TEDxTalk: The Necessity of Dream
TEDxTalk: Is the Force with You?
TEDxTalk: Cleats not Heels
TEDxTalk: Big Bad Who?
TEDxTalk: Do You Think You See Me?
Arnav Koppala
Marissa Brann
Abagael Speights
Cecilie Johnsrud
Chino Anyadiegwu
Braden Baker
Gianna Razack
Olivia Graham
Ellie Grau
Stephen Curtis
Rose Antwine

February 18, 2017 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth 

Tedx Talk:   "Rethinking Sports"                                             Callie Mitchell

Tedx Talk:   "Age of A.I."                                                          Alejandro Ortega

Tedx Talk:   "Everyday Superhero"                                         Charlie Bryant

Tedx Talk:   "More Than a Heartbeat."                                  Ava Niles

Tedx Talk:   "How to Die Happy"                                            Grayson Miller

Tedx Talk:   "The Art of Magic."                                              Isabella Rodriguez

Tedx Talk:   "Am I a Feminazi?"                                              Ellie Davis

Tedx Talk:   "You're Not There... Yet."                                    Paul Breedlove

Tedx Talk:   "Being a Bookworm"                                           Glory Bush

November 22, 2015 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth           

Tedx Talk:   "Secret Recipe"                                                    Will Lourcey

Tedx Talk:   "Don't Wait"                                                        Sadie Thompson

Tedx Talk:   "New Years Irresolution"                                    Truett Killian

Tedx Talk:   "Don't Change You."                                           Cole Whiddon

Tedx Talk:   "Connect This"                                                     Sophie Appel

Tedx Talk:   "Sharing the Superpower"                                 Brinkley Pauling

Tedx Talk:   "Connect the Dots"                                             Raj Baweja

Tedx Talk:   "Double Tap Communication Theory"              Samantha Mares

Tedx Talk:   "Generation Z"                                                     Bobby Thakkar

Tedx Talk:   "From Cabinda to Kashmir"                               Kishan Kalaria

Ted Talk:   "Thinking Your Way Through Life"                      Lulu Wu


November 15, 2014 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth           

Tedx Talk:   "Perfect Imperfection"                                        Cassandra Denson

Tedx Talk:   "Voices in the Mic"                                              Will Flannery

Tedx Talk:   "Eureka, I Solved It!"                                            Taylor Henry

Tedx Talk:   "Give a Child a Word."                                        Brandon Sanders & Mikeala Miller

Tedx Talk:   "National Animal Hat Day"                                 Diego Aviles

Tedx Talk:   "Don't Stop the Virus"                                         Elizabeth Arrington

Tedx Talk:   "The View from my  Backyard"                          Sam Barber

Tedx Talk:   "When You Think of Perfection"                        Mae Herrera

Tedx Talk:   "Let's Shine some Light on the Subject"           Alexander Roemer

Tedx Talk:   "The Art of Living"                                               James Stupfel

Ted Talk:   "Einstein and Soft Hands"                                  Shruti Sahu


December 2013 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth

                           TITLE                                                              PRESENTER

Ted Talk:   "The Mirror has Two Faces"                               Shruti Sahu

Ted Talk:   "The Market Psychologist"                                DJ Swinyar

Ted Talk:   "If Everyday was an Artapalooza"                   Kerry Mackenzie

Ted Talk:   "Renewing Renewables in a New Way"         Thomas Torlincasi

Ted Talk:   "It's Not Okay"                                                    Xavier Thompson

Ted Talk:   "The Impact of Going Green"                            Ogewu Agbese

Ted Talk:   "What's the Driving Force?"                              Suhas Tatapudi


Also presented                                                   

Emcee:                                                                                    Grace Bush

Emcee:                                                                                    Lee Alviar

November 2012 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth

                            TITLE                                                              PRESENTER

Ted Talk:    “A Race Against Time”                                      Wyatt Reeves

Ted Talk:    “That Doggie in the Window”                          Casey Hammett           

Ted Talk:    “Freedom of Choice”                                         Luke Womble

Ted Talk:    “Emotionally Intelligent”                                  Alec Petsche

Ted Talk:    “Outside the Box”                                              Kassandra Gamez-Gonzalez

Ted Talk:    “Communication is Key”                                   Samantha Mares

Ted Talk:    “Applying Philosophy to your Life”                 Sara Heinzman

Ted Talk:    “Strive to Survive”                                             Thomas Manning

Ted Talk:    “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”        Marshall Neve

Ted Talk:    “Space Open for Business”                               Mabry Jackson

Ted Talk:    “More than meets the eye”                              Samantha Beggans

Ted Talk:    “New Light, New Vision”                                    Emily Yurk


Also presented                                                   

Presentation                 Botanical Research Institute of Texas               Dr. Sy Somher, BRIT

Presentation                 Declaration of TEDxYouthFortWorth Day        Mayor Betsy Price

Emcee:                           Skye Segovia

Emcee:                           Leah Heinzman

Reporter:                       Jay Jani

Reporter:                       Grace Bush


Talks from TEDxYouthISAOakridge TEDxYouth Day 2011

  1. Solving the Hunger Gap by Annie Jacobs & Colleen Houston

  2. Can We Quit by Hersh Trivedi

  3. The Federal Reserve System by Garrison Roe & Neil Tapiavala

  4. The Dedication Effect by Parth Kalaria & Krishna Tiwari

  5. Be a Friend by Kourtney Fong-Kutchins

  6. Celiac Disease - Something No One Should Have to Stomach by Emily Hooper

  7. Moments by Aditya Misra

  8. What Do You Really Learn in High School by Deron Molen

  9. What Do You See When You Look The Mirror by Skylar Frazier

  10. Hindsight and a Prime Future by Michael Johns

  11. Misleading Stereotypes by Jordan Martin

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