"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes things alive and significant."

Nov 2018    

      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


2018 TEDx Talks

March 24 2018, 2017 Talks from TEDxYouth@FortWorth (Videos Coming in April!)

  TEDxTalk: With or Without Ice
TEDxTalk: Be a Light in the Dark
TEDxTalk: That's Weird
TEDxTalk: What's your Dream Job?
TEDxTalk: A Story Without Words
TEDxTalk: You're Never to Young to Make an Impact
TEDxTalk: The Necessity of Dream
TEDxTalk: Is the Force with You?
TEDxTalk: Cleats not Heels
TEDxTalk: Big Bad Who?
TEDxTalk: Do You Think You See Me?
Arnav Koppala
Marissa Brann
Abagael Speights
Cecilie Johnsrud
Chino Anyadiegwu
Braden Baker
Gianna Razack
Olivia Graham
Ellie Grau
Stephen Curtis
Rose Antwine